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Cavity number of the mould corresponding to product dimension.(For reference)
Diameter(mm) 28 32 35 37 40 43 48 54 60 70 80
Height(mm) 50 55 60 70 85 90 90 90 95 100 105
Central distance(mm) 38 42 45 49 52 57 63 70 80 90 105
Cavity 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6

SZCX 250/60 Main Technical Parameters

Injection system Unit Parameter
Dia.of Screw mm 52
Screw L/D 23:1
Max Theoretical Shot Volume cm3 380
Injection Weight g 250
Plasticing Capacity Approx g/s 58
Max.Screw Stroke mm 180
Max Screw Speed rpm 10~235
Total Power for Charging Barrel kw 15.2
No.of Heating Zone Qty 6
Clamping System
Injection Clamping Force kn 673
Blow Clamping Force kn 96
Opening Stroke of Mould Platen mm 140
Max Swing Radius mm 570
Liftion Height of Rotary Table mm 70
Max Platen Size of Mould (L×W) mm 700×400
Min Mould Thickness mm 280
Mould Heating Power kw 4.8
Stripping System
Stripping Stroke mm 255
Dry Cycle Time s 3.2
Driving System
Motor Power kw 29.1+12
Hydraulic Working Pressure Mpa 14
Product Dimension Range
Range of Formability Product ml 2-1000
Height of Formability Product mm ≤250
Dia.of Formability Product mm ≤110
Compressed Air Pressure Mpa 0.7~0.9
Compressed Air Discharge Rate m3/min 0.8
Cooling Water Pressure Mpa 0.3~0.4
Total Power kw 61.1
Operating Power 33~46%
Overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 4100×1650×2400
Machine Weight Approx T 9.5
All specifications and designs are subject to change without notice.


This machine is one step 3station injection blow molding machine, it is suitable to make pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic bottles of many kind of material in PE、PP、PS、BAREX、PC、PVC.

Operating Principle

The core part of the one step injection blowing technics is a triangle-turnplate. The mandrils are assembled on the side face of the triangle-turnplate which roation is 120 degree.

? The First Service Position

The bottle neck will be molded accurately after injecting the material into the cavity. After proper control, the mold open and the mandrils turn to the second sevice postion along with the parison.

? The Second Service Position

Blowing action was done at this cavity. Molding would be completed after cooling, (cavity of mold decide the shape and outward appearance of the bottle). The air came out from the mandrils expand the parison, making the parison cling to the mold. Then the mold open and the mandrils turn to the third service posita along with bottles.

? The Third Service Position

The bottle automatically stripped from the mold at this position and then to packed through pipelining. The three actions of Injection, Blowing and stripping work at the same time, which makes the machine high output and energy saving.


* Multicavity production.
* Double proportional hydraulic control system.
* Three stations arranged at 120 degree, reduction of the cycle time, increase in production efficiency.
* Advanced and accurate PID temperature control system.
* Adopted hydraulic and pneumatic components of well-known brands from Germany and Japan.
* PLC control system of well-known brands and the whole machine operated easy and convenient.
* High utilization of raw material, high yield, high rate of return on investment.
* High precision in bottle neck and screw, best seaming.

Production Line Components

The machine can manufactured acdording to the customers requirment

Keli is not produce machinery in batches, it will analyse the bottle shape, purpose, output and cost in order to make more suitable machine.

Flawless customer service

Keli not to help customers to assemble the machine in their factory and train the worker but also offer before-sale, middle-sale and after-sale service, in order to develop new tchnology and products to satisfy the diversified need of market.

The comparison of injection blowing and extrusion blowing

Number Injection Blowing Extrusion Blowing
1 Bottle weight will change about 1% Bottle weight will change about 3%
2 Uniformity wall thick The change of wall thick is about 10-20%
3 None kerf Not only has the kerf but also weaken the intension of the bottle bottom
4 Good convexity at the bottom of the bottle Bad convexity at the bottom of the bottle
5 None flash 20-40% flashes
6 Can not produce very thin thickness product Can use equipment to adjust the thickness
7 Not sensitive to the enviroment change Need more sdjustments during the production
8 Multicavity, high output smooth bottle neck Less cavities, low output uneven bottle neck
9 High mould lifetime, suitable for long time production but high price Short mold lifetime, suitable for short time production and low price
10 Compact machine system, less occupation of land Need more assistant nachines, more occupation of land
11 Difflcult of ellipse plastic container Easy

The auxiliary equipments

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